PERFECT KONA Excursion ~ Walking distance TO dock/tenders


One of the Hawaiian Gods has been angered, and its your job to solve each of the clues....ONLY YOU can save Kona from divine destruction....

Each team is given a packet of all clues, maps & tools needed to get to the finish line first, if you dare! You get there by solving all the clues, finding buried treasure, and uncovering the mystery behind the Hawaiian gods! You must cross the finish line with the correct answer to win!!! 
The Fantastic Race® Kona is perfect for your Cruise Ship Shore Excursion!  It's a treasure hunt and sightseeing tour all wrapped up into one! If you are looking for Fun Activities & Games in Kailua Kona, HI...Look no further!!!
This amazing race is designed with cruise ship passengers in mind.  The Race begins and ends within walking distance of the cruise ship pier.  The Race start and end times give passengers time to disembark and re-board the ship.  
This race combines fun things to do and see in downtown Kona, making it one of the top sight seeing activities and great for family outings.
The Race is one of the best things to do in Kona to sample local culture, sightseeing and maybe even...  a local brew.
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